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Technology Transfer

Would you like to improve your product or processes and take advantage of the top class know how from the institutes we are connected to? Do you want to meet the research experts who will specifically work on your project? Do you want to forge links between your R&D department with scientific experts, or have your processes supported by innovative ideas and technologies?

TUM-Tech GmbH is your partner for technology transfer. We are specialized in finding and acquiring the perfect German partner for technological research, commercialization or business projects. We also help you to identify the right contact within a university, university of applied sciences or a company research department.

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Your Challenges:

  • You need the most suited expert for your individual project (more)
  • You want to establish R&D cooperation with a reliable partner (more)
  • You are looking for the best technology to realize your idea (more)
  • You want to market a newly developed technology correctly (more)


Showcase: FRM-II Research Reactor in Garching

FRM II is a state of the art German research reactor  and a world class reactor for neutron source. It is used not only in the fields of science and medicine, but is also available for industrial purposes.

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FRM-II Neutron Source in Garching (

TUM-Tech GmbH can assist you in getting access to the FRM II reactor for purposes such as: contract research, quality assurance, non-destructive materials testing, trace analysis and environmental analytics.