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Innovation Consultancy

Innovation Process by TUM-Tech GmbH

Innovations are a key factor for your success. We help you with fostering and realizing the full innovation potential in your company. We are experts in the areas of project management, management consultancy and grant consulting.


Your Challenges:

  • You would like to establish an effective innovation process in your organization
  • You would like to generate new ideas
  • You would like to have your ideas evaluated
  • You need help realizing promising ideas
  • You would like to perform an innovation benchmark (audit) in your organization
  • You would like to use sources of open innovation to generate value
  • You would like to find suitable subsidies


Showcase: Lead-User projects

We have been successfully carrying out Lead-User projects in cooperation with the TU Munich and lots of companies for many years.

These projects offer seminars whereby students identify trends in different areas of innovation and search for Lead-Users and experts. On completion of the seminar, TUM-Tech GmbH organizes Lead-User workshops where the experts and users work on new product and technology concepts for the participating companies.

We have already partnered with the following companies along with the TU Munich for Lead-User projects: