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04.10. - 18.10.2017

Technology Commercialisation - Virtual Classroom Lessons des Europäischen Patentamts

Aufgrund des großen Erfolgs der bisherigen Vorträge veranstaltet das Europäische Patentamt (EPO) wieder 5 jeweils einstündige Virtual Classroom Lessons zum Thema "Technology Commercialisation".  Erneut ist wieder Dr. Christian Hackl - der Geschäftsführer der TUM-Tech GmbH - der Referent dieser Veranstaltungen. Die Veranstaltungen finden in englischer Sprache statt. 

This series of five one-hour virtual classroom lessons will introduce topics from ip4inno training modules which have been specifically designed to equip companies, business advisors, TTOs and others with an understanding of intellectual property issues as they impact SMEs and new businesses. The lessons will be held over a period of three weeks. They focus on the commercialisation of IP and will provide valuable insights into the subject-matter.

The tutor is Christian Hackl, CEO of TUM-Tech GmbH.

More information on the ip4inno project can be found on the ip4inno website. Watch this video and learn more about the online training, further information about the training and the registration form are available here.

You only need to register once for all five lessons.

  •  4 October 2017, 14.00 hrs CEST (GMT + 02:00)
  •  6 October 2017, 14.00 hrs CEST (GMT + 02:00)
  • 11 October 2017, 14.00 hrs CEST (GMT + 02:00)
  • 16 October 2017, 14.00 hrs CEST (GMT + 02:00)
  • 18 October 2017, 14.00 hrs CEST (GMT + 02:00)

The sessions will be recorded and released in an online course room, where, if you are a registered participant, you can watch them as often as you like. Information on how to access the recordings will be provided in due course.

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Open innovation - (VCL 1/5)
4 October 2017, 14.00 hrs CEST (GMT + 02:00)

Innovation used to be very much a closed shop. Only technologies created within a company were regarded by that company as technologies worth pursuing. This view has changed; now “open innovation” is the buzz word.
This first session of the series will look at what open innovation is about and the relevance of intellectual property rights within this topic. It will give some guidance on how to manage technology transfer and on the legal implications of technology transfer partnerships.
Technology commercialisation - (VCL 2/5)
6 October 2017, 14.00 hrs CEST (GMT + 02:00)

What can you do with a patent? The standard is to build a product based on the IP and sell it. Is that all there is?
The second session of the series will introduce and discuss various options for commercialising a patent, beyond just producing and selling it yourself.
Evaluation - (VCL 3/5)
11 October 2017, 14.00 hrs CEST (GMT + 02:00)

There are many great technologies, but which of them is worth pursuing further? The evaluation of a technology is an important step, especially when resources are limited so that not all promising technologies can be further developed.
The third session will show a structured approach for the task of identifying the most promising technologies. The main criteria for evaluation will be introduced and discussed.
Valuation I - (VCL 4/5)
16 October 2017, 14.00 hrs CEST (GMT + 02:00)

What is the value of a specific patent? This question can be very important, for a variety of reasons.
The fourth session looks at different ways of estimating the value of a patent. Various methods will be introduced, including recommendations as to when to use each one.
Valuation II case study - (VCL 5/5)
18 October 2017, 14.00 hrs CEST (GMT + 02:00)

Following on from the fourth session (Valuation I), this fifth session introduces a case study which will allow participants to work interactively on the valuation of a patent.
Moreover, participants will get practical experience in identifying the main factors involved in determining the licence fee for a transaction. Using basic data they will come up with a royalty rate and – very importantly – a justification for it. 


Further information about the training and the registration form are available here.